• All-In-One Smart Rack

    Litech All-in-One Smart Rack system incorporates various intelligent features and functionality into a single unit. These racks are designed to provide a comprehensive solution for data center management, power distribution, cooling, monitoring, and security. Organizations can optimize their IT infrastructure and ensure reliable performance.
  • Cold Aisle Containment

    Litech Cold Aisle Containment System is designed to optimize airflow management and reduce energy consumption in today’s data centers. Litech’s Aisle Containment System offers a cutting-edge solution for data centers seeking to enhance the operational efficiency and minimize environmental footprint.
  • rPDU

    Litech goes beyond reliable rPDUs, offering next-gen solutions with intelligent power monitoring and energy management for top data center efficiency. Choose from standard to custom intelligent rPDUs for any size data center.
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  • Power DP

    Efficiently managing electrical power with our reliable power distribution panel product selection which encompasses various components, technologies, and strategies to ensure the reliable, efficient, and safe operation of an electrical power distribution system.
  • High Density Data Center Fiber Solution

    Streamline your data center with our high-density fiber optic solution. Engineered for demanding needs, it utilizes space-saving cables and maximizes performance. Achieve faster speeds, wider bandwidth, and enhanced reliability. Perfect choice to upgrade your data center infrastructure.
  • Telco Backup Power

    Don't let outages disrupt! Our backup solutions (batteries, generators) keep vital telecom equipment running during emergencies. Reliable power maintains connectivity and ensures business continuity & public safety. Trust us to safeguard your investment.
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