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Litech  Optical Power Meters are designed to measure optical power in Cable TV, Telcom or broadband fiber optic networks. When used with laser light source, the FPM-3010+ also can measure the attenuation (insertion loss) of single-mode cable links. The FPM-3010+ stores reference settings for each calibration wavelength. An easy to read LCD display shows optical power (dBm or mW) or insertion loss (dB) and the calibrated wavelength.  

The FPM-3010+ can save up to 999 power or insertion loss measurements values for future downloading to a computer. A mini USB Cable to transfer results to your PC and Windows software to view, print, and archive test results are provided


• Universal optic connector, support FC/SC/ST connector;
• Multi-wavelength measurement: 850/1300/1310/1490/1550/1625nm
• Color LCD screen, suitable for a variety of optical environment;
• The reference value can be set to confirm threshold value
• Measure absolute power and fiber optic link loss.
• The automatic shutdown mode can be set
• Internal memory save up to 999 data
• Highly versatile and ease of use
• Mhock-proof and drop-proof plastic shell design
• Rechargeable high quality lithium polymer batteries for longer operating time

Product Specification

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