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Litech OMR cable management system are designed to manage high density network cabling .OMR cable management system features open rack with vertical cable manager , consist of a metal backbone with cable management fingers that align with EIA rack spacing. The fingers are molded out of plastic and incorporate integral bend radius control throughout the entire length. The backbone is equipped with pass through holes for cable routing to the rear. The vertical cable manager hinged door can open to the right or left for easy cable access. The vertical cable manager is able to manage all the cable on the rack without the aid of horizontal cable managers. This frees up rack space for additional patch panels, active equipment and reducing the overall number of racks that may be required for the network.


• Curved breakout fingers support cables transition from horizontal to the vertical manager eliminates the need for horizontal cable managers

• High density design reduced the area required and free up floor space

• Integral bend radius control maintains cable bend radius for cabling

• Dual hinged door Can be opened to the left or right to allow easy access to vertical cable manager without having to completely remove door


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