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Litech RSST Rack Mount Fiber Swing-Out Distribution Panels are design for terminating optical fiber in exchanges, communications rooms or in existing equipment racks where space is a constrain or higher density is required. RSST features a swing out design for effective installation and maintenance as well as front access patch panels for easy patching.

RSST Swing Out Panel is a new generation fiber panel which features a well-designed light weight plastic injection tray for perfect fiber management and minimum bending radius considerations.


• Swing out plastic tray design for easy cable management

• Ultra-light weight

• Easy Swing out features for easy access to splices and pigtail management

• Build in snap on and latch design to secure the swing panel after close

• Unique moulded pivot point design for firm and smooth swing out 

• High density – up to 48 fiber for LC duplex 

• Interchangeable adapter plate to cater for FC,SC,LC ,ST, E-2000 or other fiber adapters design

• Fully front access 

• Fiber splicing and patching all in one

• Front flap-down cover to protect fiber patchcords from accidental damage

• Front flap-down cover provide easy access to fiber patching

• Identification label at each swing out tray front cover

• Rear side entry for incoming cable

• Adjustable 19”/23/ETSI” rack front or rear mount

• Lockable front door ( Optional)

• Destination label attached at the front door



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